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Solar Water Pump (0.5HP) - Submersible with 60 feet depth

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Sold By: Solar Universe Store

  • Submersible PMDC type Solar Pump - Single Phase
  • Maximum Head - 60 Feet
  • Discharge at Average Head : 2000 Litres Per Hour
  • SS type pump suitable for homes, farm houses & agricultural lands
  • Solar Panel Input - 24V (series / parallel connections)
  • Solar Panels & Battery Not Included
  • Package Contents: Solar Pump Set 
  • Country of Origin - India

SKU: SolarUniverse-0.5HP-Solar-Pump

Categories: Solar Pumps, Solar Devices

Tags: Agricultural Premise

This is a submersible solar water pump & motor set with a depth & maximum head of 60 feet that can discharge 1500-2000 litres of water every hour if connected with 2 x 24V - 150W solar panels (not a part of this package). 

This solar water pump set is best suited for residential & agricultural uses where the water source depth is not very deep and the requirement for water storage is medium to high. It is DC24V powered and comes as a plug & play unit and needs to be externally connected to solar panels without any driver or charge controller. 


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