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OnGrid Solar System - Esun Enterprises

₹2,500.00  ₹5,000.00

Sold By: Esun Enterprises


1.      Grid Connected Solar System at MNRE approved rates.

2.      Book your site visit and online consultation today.  

3.      Best in class solar panels and inverters brands .

4.      Panels performance warranty -25 years, inverter warranty - 5 years.

5.      We handle all aspects from design to commissioning to annual support. 

6.      Expert Installation by certified technicians for optimal results.

7.      Dedicated customer service team to assist with any inquiries or issues.

8.   Monitor your system performance and energy production from your phone or computer.


1. Lower electricity bills upto 70% for 25 years 
2. Stay connected to grid for uninterrupted power supply
3. Sell Excess energy back to the grid for additional savings
4. Minimal Maintenance required, reducing operating cost
5. Take advantage of government solar subsidy programs for Residential Rooftop.
6. Solar Installation System, increase the value of your property and attract eco-consious buyers.
7. Contribute to a cleaner environment for future generations
8. Solar Systems have a long lifespan, providing a reliable energy sources for decades.


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1. On your booking for site visit, our expert shall visit your premise within 3 working days.
2. Based on the site conditions and your load requirements, a final BOQ shall be prepared.
3. A final quotation shall be submitted for your acceptance.
4. Plant Designing, Material Procurement & Transportation at Site.
5. System commissioning and Testing.
6. Assistance in Net Metering application filing and integration with Solar Plant.
7. Assistance in Solar Subsidy documentation and application filing on govt. portal
8. System maintenance for 3 years / 5 years, as per your need.


1. Solar Panels - Gautam Solar / Lumi Solar / Adani Panels  / Equivalent
2. Solar Inverters - Latest Brands
3. Mounting Structure - As per Need  
4. ACDB Equipment  - As per Plant Size of latest brand.
5. DCDB Equipment  - As per Plant Size of latest brand.

Central Government of India, provides solar subsidy for residential premise only for load upto 10KW. Solar Subsidy is not available for Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural Purpose.
Central Government Subsidy is Rs. 14588 per KW upto 3 kW.  
For connections above 3 kW and upto 10 kW - Rs. 14588 / kw for first 3 kW and there after Rs. 7294 per KW.
For connections above 10kW - Fixed Rs. 94822/- 

For Special States Like North Eastern States including Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, UTs of Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh, Lakshadweep, and Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Central Government Subsidy is Rs. 17622 per KW upto 3 kW.  
For connections above 3 kW and upto 10 kW - Rs. 17662 / kw for first 3 kW and there after Rs. 8831 per KW.
For connections above 10kW - Fixed Rs. 114803/- 

PAYMENT SCHEDULE (T1- Advance Payment)
T0 - Payment Date of Booking amount - INR 2500 /-
T1 - Payment Date of Advance amount - 90% of the Project Cost (Minus Booking Amount) Before Delivery of Material
T2 - Payment Date for Final Amount - 10% of the Project Cost Before Net Metering

We have two plan i.e. 3 years AMC support Plan and 5 years AMC Support plan. Client can select as per its choice and requirements

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Esun Enterprises

Esun Enterprises, a trailblazer in the renewable energy sector, specializes in providing innovative solar solutions for both on-grid and off-grid applications. With a commitment to sustainable and clean energy, Esun Enterprises harnesses the power of the sun to create a brighter and greener future.

For on-grid systems, Esun seamlessly integrates solar technology with existing power grids, allowing businesses and households to generate their own electricity while staying connected to the larger power network. This not only ensures a reliable and continuous power supply but also enables users to contribute excess energy back to the grid, promoting a more efficient and sustainable energy ecosystem.

In the realm of off-grid solutions, Esun empowers remote areas and isolated communities by delivering reliable and independent solar power systems. These off-grid solutions are designed to function autonomously, providing electricity in areas where traditional power infrastructure may be impractical or unavailable. Esun's off-grid solutions bring light and power to places that need it the most, fostering economic development and improving quality of life.


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An on-grid solar system, also known as a grid-tied or grid-connected system, is a solar power setup that is connected to the electrical grid. It works in conjunction with the utility power, allowing users to generate their own electricity while remaining connected to the grid for additional power when needed.

On-grid solar systems generate electricity from solar panels, and the produced power is used to meet the energy needs of the property. Any excess electricity generated is fed back into the grid, and users may receive credit or compensation for the surplus energy.

On-grid solar panels typically have a lifespan of 25 to 30 years or more. However, their efficiency may decrease over time. Regular maintenance and cleaning can help maximize their performance.

Most on-grid solar systems are designed to shut down during a power outage to ensure the safety of utility workers. However, some systems with battery storage or backup solutions can provide power to essential loads even when the grid is down.

Yes, on-grid solar systems are often scalable. You can usually add more solar panels to your existing system to increase its capacity if your energy needs grow.