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SUI Solar Home Lighting Kit with AC/DC Input, 230Wh Lithium Phosphate Battery, 50W Solar Panel, 2 x 1A USB Ports, 1 Table Fan, 2 LED

₹9,935.00  ₹24,450.00

Sold By: Solar Universe Store

  • Plug & Play All in One Solar Home Kit with Lighting & Device & Smartphone Charging
  • 3 x 5W LED bulbs & tubes, 9 Inch Table Fan, Dual USB Ports & AC/DC Input
  • Solar Panel with Wire - 50Wp & Lithium Ferrous Battery of 230Wh Included
  • Solar Charge Controller Kit & Electronics embedded into Metal Battery Box
  • Charging Time - 6-8 hours, Backup on Full Power - upto 12 hours
  • Standard USB Ports for Mobile & Gadget Charging (5V & 9V)
  • Portable, Sturdy & Robust - makes it a plug & play, ease to use, carry & operate solar system
  • Package Includes Solar Panel, Battery, LED Lights (3 No's), Table Fan, Wires & Switches with all accessories
  • Country of Origin - India

SKU: SolarUniverse-SUI-18ah-Lithium-HLS-with-3-LEDs,1-Table-Fan,2-USB-Ports&50Wp-Mono-Solar-Panel

Categories: Solar Lights, Solar Home Lighting

A multipurpose Solar Home Lighting System & Kit developed especially for developing nations and for export purposes which is best suited for small to medium households, cabins and rooms. It is a bundled package with all its electronics inbuilt into a metal box and with external accessories in the forms of LED bulbs & tubes (3), a Table Fan and 2 USB ports of 1A each for recharging devices & smartphones. It comes with an inbuilt Lithium Ferrous Phosphate Battery of 230Wp, a solar panel of 50W with wire & connectorand electricity charger. All connections go into a battery box that has an inbuilt battery which is recharged by the external solar panel provided with the product.

This package will be a complete unit and can be dismantled and rearranged very easily without the intervention of an engineer or technician. The lithium battery provided with this unit is maintenance free and the solar panel is highly efficient. The LED lumens are greater than 150/W. Once fully charged, the product delivers upto 12 hours of LED lighting. It has dual USB ports which can be used for recharging 5V & 9V devices. The product can also be charged via electricity which makes it hybrid. It is a complete plug & play unit and does not need any additional accessories for its succesful functioning and use. 

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