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SUI Battery Less Solar Inverter for running AC 220V loads from Solar Panels directly - 24V - 600W - MPPT Based

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Sold By: Solar Universe Store

  • Complete Off Grid Solution : Connect 24V Solar Panels of upto 700W with VOC of 44V to draw upto 600W of AC 220V Output
  • MPPT & Microprocessor Based : Digitally Controlled : Copper Transformer : LED & LCD Display : No Need of Battery or Grid Reference Voltage
  • Additional Option : Connect 12V Batteries externally in case you want to use it as a Solar Inverter for power backup in the night
  • PV Input : Upto 700W, VOC - 44V | Output : 50hz / 220-230V - 600W at peak sunshine | Backup - Optional via External Battery Connection (Not Included)
  • Runs Inductive & Surge loads of a 500 Litre Fridge or a Desktop Computer with Printer along with any other loads of upto 600W at peak sunshine
  • Peak Sunshine is calculated for 6 hours a day in which case one can run 100% of 600W for upto 4 hours or 75% of 600W for upto 6 hours
  • Multiple Protections - Overlead , Short Circuit, Low Battery (If Externally Connected), Solar Voltage Protection 
  • Best suited for Off Grid Usage : Trekking & Camping Activities : Army & Search Operations : Plug & Play Application
  • Country of Origin - India

SKU: SolarUniverse-SUI-Raj-SPV-Battery-Less-Inverter-600W/24V+7W-DC-Tube

Categories: Solar Invertors, Solar Devices

Tags: Residential Premise, Commercial Premise, Industrial Premise, Agricultural Premise

Built on the principal of "Necessity is the Mother of Invention", this is a revolutionary Solar Power Device that can convert the DC power of your Solar Panels to usable AC220V power without the need for batteries & their reference voltage, a solar charge controller, a buck converter or any other device required to run AC loads from your solar panels directly. A product currently unavailable with any other power device manufacturer as of 05/2022 - this product helps you save on battery and other costs of recurring nature when you want to run AC 220V loads directly from your Solar Panels during the day when the sun is shining bright. As an example, this is a 600W (24V) MPPT based solar power inverter to which there is no need for connecting 24V battery.

You simply need to connect your Solar Panel (not included with this) of upto 700W (VOC - upto 44V) and you may draw loads of upto 600W during peak sunshine of upto 4 hours or upto 75% load for 6 hours directly in the day. Programmed to give you maximum output, this device produces the same amount of energy as your Solar Panel when the sun is shining bright. For best usage, we recommend using only Solar Universe India Solar Panels.  It comes with an emergency DC LED Tubelight of 7W via an external 12V DC Socket.

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