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Solar Mini Home Lighting System with 1 LED, FM Radio, Mobile Charger & Solar Panel

₹1,370.00  ₹2,275.00

Sold By: Solar Universe Store

  • Solar Plug & Play Power Pack : LED Bulb System : Solar Powered : Inbuilt Lithium Ion Battery : Multiple Media Playback Features : Portable & Handy
  • Body Color - Multicolor - Red or Blue, LED Color - White 
  • Lithium Ion Battery : Polycrystalline Solar Panel : LED Bulb : Multipin Mobile Charging Kit : Multimedia, FM & USB Playback 
  • Includes: solar kit, battery, solar panel, LED bulbs and accessories
  • Warranty: 6 months on product
  • Care instructions: glass product: do not apply pressure from the top, handle with care and avoid shaking of the package
  • Package Contents: Home Lighting System With Led Bulbs & Mobile Charging, Solar Panel other Accessories
  • Country of Origin - India


Categories: Solar Lights, Solar Home Lighting

Tags: Residential Premise, Commercial Premise

SUI Gana HLS is one of the most economical plug & play off grid solar power pack in the market with the best in class features. It is a bundled solar package in an ergonomic & portable design with a foldable handle that comes with 1 LED bulb, a mobile charging kit and an external solar panel to recharge the inbuilt battery inside the product. This product is best suited for camping, hiking, security rooms as well as illumination inside homes or small kiosks.

Once fully charged, the product is capable of delivering backup of up to 4 hours and even charge mobile phones with inbuilt batteries of upto 1500mAh. It is easy to use, carry and install as all accessories are provided in plug & play mode. Additional features include FM Radio, AUX & USB Playback Music.  Due to constant technology advancements, the picture or look of the final product may vary however the features & functions will always be above and beyond what is advertised.

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