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Electrical Safety Audit for Industrial Premise - Perpetual Solutions

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Book Your Pre-Audit Online Consultation with Electrical Safety Expert with Energy Management Marketplace, Digital Discom, Now. We will help you in

  • Identifying the type of Safey Audit suitable for your premise
  • Exact scope of the electrical safety audit and timeframe
  • Pre-requiste for the electrical safety audit from your end
  • Government regulations / compliances which makes safety audit mandatory for certain industry 
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  • This pre-audit consultation fees, will be adjusted in the Audit Fees, on quotation acceptance by consumer.
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For the Pre Audit Consultatation, Digital Discom will arrange an 15-30 minutes online meeting with the Experienced Safety Audit Expert within 3 working days as per your convenience. After that,  firm quotation shall be provided within 7 working days. 


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Tentative Scope of Work: Electrical Safety Audit for Industrial Premises in India**

1. Introduction:

This outlines the scope of work for conducting an Electrical Safety Audit at client industrial premises located in India. The objective of this audit is to assess the electrical safety measures, compliance with relevant regulations, and identify potential hazards to ensure the safety of personnel and property.

2. Audit Team:

The audit will be conducted by a team of qualified electrical safety experts with extensive experience in industrial electrical systems and safety regulations. The team will be led by a certified electrical safety auditor.

3. Pre-Audit Preparation:

  • Review of electrical drawings, schematics, and documentation.
  •  Consultation with the client to understand specific concerns or areas of focus.
  • Identify critical areas and equipment for in-depth inspection.

4. On-Site Inspection:

The on-site inspection will include a comprehensive assessment of the following:

4.1. Electrical Infrastructure:

  • Main electrical distribution systems.
  • Substations, transformers, and switchgear.
  • Power distribution panels.
  • Electrical grounding and bonding systems.
  • Electrical feeders and circuits.
  • Identification of any overloaded circuits.

4.2. Equipment and Appliances:

  • Inspection of electrical appliances and equipment for compliance.
  • Assessment of control systems and safety interlocks.
  • Verification of equipment maintenance records.

4.3. Electrical Safety Devices:

  • Inspection of protective devices, such as circuit breakers, fuses, and relays.
  • Testing of ground fault protection systems.
  • Verification of emergency shutdown systems.

4.4. Electrical Wiring and Cabling:

  • Inspection of wiring methods, conduit systems, and cable trays.
  • Assessment of cable routing and support systems.
  • Identification of damaged or exposed wiring.

4.5. Hazardous Areas:

  • Inspection of electrical installations in potentially explosive or hazardous areas.
  • Verification of equipment ratings and safety measures in these areas.

4.6. Emergency Response and Safety Procedures:

  • Review of emergency response plans related to electrical incidents.
  • Evaluation of lockout/tagout procedures.
  • Assessment of personnel training in electrical safety.

5. Documentation and Compliance:

  • Review of electrical system documentation, including single-line diagrams.
  • Verification of compliance with Indian electrical safety regulations (IS, IE Rules, etc.).
  • Identification of non-compliance issues and recommended corrective actions.

6. Reporting:

A detailed audit report will be generated, summarizing findings, recommendations, and action plans. The report will include:

  • Executive Summary.
  • Detailed findings, including areas of concern and non-compliance.
  • Recommendations for improving electrical safety.
  • Prioritization of corrective actions.
  • Suggested timeline for implementing recommendations.

7. Follow-Up and Consultation:

  • A follow-up meeting with the client to discuss the audit findings and recommendations.
  • Ongoing consultation to assist the client in implementing corrective actions and improving electrical safety.

8. Audit Closure:

The audit will be considered closed once the client has implemented the recommended corrective actions and improvements.

9. Confidentiality:

All information obtained during the audit will be treated as confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties without the client's consent.

10. Schedule:

The audit will be conducted on the dates agreed upon with the client.

 This Scope of Work is subject to modification or extension based on the specific needs of the client and the findings during the audit. The safety of personnel and the integrity of the electrical system are of paramount importance.

Please note that this is a sample scope of work, and you should customize it to suit the specific requirements and regulations applicable to your industrial premise in India. Additionally, consider involving legal and regulatory experts to ensure compliance with all relevant standards and laws.

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1. A Pre-Audit Meeting (opening meeting) discussing the major guidelines with the management team and all the concerned departments. 2. On-site visit and inspection to identify potential electrical hazards as per the scope of the audit. This may include incoming supply receiving section, , electrical equipment installed in building, earthing, cabling, loose cabling, lighting protection, temporary wiring, maintenance condition, electrical fire hazards, shock potential etc. During the field visit the verification of the actual installation compared to the available drawing (such as electrical single line diagram (SLD), earthing lay out, etc.) is also carried out. 3. Discussion with members of the house. 4. Review of Documentation / Records (All the relevant maintenance documentation, test records, electrical records and electrical inspector reports). 5. Submission of final electrical safety audit (ESA) report to client incorporating agreed changes/comments.

Safety audits play a pivotal role in creating a secure work environment. They not only ensure compliance with legal regulations but also provide an avenue for companies to demonstrate their commitment to employee welfare.